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Chances are, you landed on this website because you have a big speech or presentation coming up and you are looking for ways to make a lasting impression.

Public Speaking Coach

If you are like 77% of the world’s population who have some sort of anxiety when it comes to speaking in public, you are looking for a little guidance to get you through this stressful time. Thankfully, you can put those fears to rest because Penny Spot Consulting can help you deliver a speech or presentation that will make you the envy of your audience.
We see professional politicians everyday stand behind a podium and speak so assertively that they make it look easy. How about your boss, who seems to take charge of a room every time they open their mouth? Finally, we can all name at least one of our old high school teachers or college professors who seemed to captivate us on ever word they said. I bet you would love to have just a sliver of their confidence and abilities when it is your time to stand up in front of that room and speak.
Good news…YOU CAN!!!

With A Public Speaking Coach

Audience Engagement

Learn how to reach your audience by engaging with them throughout your speech.


Step up to the microphone knowing that you are fully prepared to deliver a speech that will blow away your audience.

Listening to Yourself

Train to listen to the speech, as the words come out of your mouth, and make adjustments accordingly.

Speaking Effectively

Remember, a good speech is not only about what you say but how you say it. Learn some simple techniques that can turn your speech from ordinary to extraordinary.

Captivate Your Audience!

With Penny Spot Consulting

While public speaking certainly plays a vital role in our professional lives, what about the special occasions that put you in a situation in which you must deliver a speech to an audience that is filled with a lot of family and friends? Some of the most common events you can find yourself in include receiving an award, giving a Best Man or Maid / Matron of Honor toast, speaking at a valued colleagues retirement party, or having the privilege to deliver the eulogy of someone who was close to your heart.

There is an unbelievable amount of pressure in these speeches. However, when they are done correctly and eloquently, those speeches will simply be unforgettable. Do you want to experience the amazing feeling of delivering a speech that can make faces smile and eyes tear? YOU CAN!!!

The Penny Spot approach to helping you become a better public speaker is simple. Instead of teaching technical theories and methods, the focus turns to what you currently know about public speaking and building up from there. You would be surprised as to how much of a speaker can improve with just a little tweak here and adjustment there. Why reinvent the wheel when all you might need is some smoothing of the surface?

Penny Spot can help you with most your public speaking needs by developing a plan to get you out of your shell and in front of that audience…with CONFIDENCE! Whether you are looking for some long-term consulting on your public speaking abilities, or if you are someone who is simply looking for a little guidance to help them with an upcoming event, Penny Spot can help.

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