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Pricing starts at $200 and will be based on the specific needs of each individual client. Please take advantage of our free consultation to inquire about the cost associated with your upcoming project. 

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Public speaking is a skill that is unique to everyone, so you will not find a cookie-cutter approach to the way Penny Spot Consulting can assist with your needs. All clients receive fast, attentive, and personalized service from Penny Spot Consulting, which will be tailored to meet your specific needs.
Since Penny Spot offers bespoke services, all potential clients will have a free consultation. During this process, the client’s needs will be identified to make sure Penny Spot Consulting is the right fit. In addition, a plan to achieve your goal(s) will be created and a quote for the cost of services will be provided.

Public Speaking Coaching

Let’s face it. We have all witnessed cringe-worthy wedding speeches, either from the best man, who came so unprepared that he is simply trying to put words together that make sense, or from the maid of honor, who wrote down a novel on a folded-up piece of paper and wants everyone to know the entire story of how she is best friends with the bride. These ill prepared speeches take away from the wedding and the wonderful intentions the toasts are supposed to capture. While these might be two extreme examples of what not to do during a wedding speech, you owe it to yourself and your bride or groom best friend, to deliver a speech that is going to get the attention of the entire party for all the right reasons. Reading directly from a piece of paper without making eye contact with anyone or slurring a series of words together because you thought you could “wing” it, is not going to do it.
With the public speaking coaching of Penny Spot, you don’t have to be the person everyone remembers for the wrong reasons because you will be prepared. Instead, you can seize your moment in the spotlight, toast to the happy couple on their special day, and make a genuine impact on all the friends and family in attendance. You will be speaking directly into the eyes and souls of each member of the audience and not through some pre-written speech or note cards that serve as nothing but distractions. Years from now, you will still be getting praise for that “awesome speech” you gave at their wedding, and that’s going to make you feel just as good as when you received the thundering round of applause from the crowd, which immediately followed your toast. Seriously, there are few things better in life then the feeling of a loud ovation from a speech that you just delivered.
Making a short, but impactful speech for a special occasion does not have to be difficult, but unfortunately, the anxiety level of having to perform in front of an entire crowd brings upon nerves that are unlike anything imaginable. However, with the simple, yet methodical approach taken by Penn Spot, nobody will ever know that you were nervous or anxious because you will nail it when your name is called. Penny Spot can transform those nerves into positive energy, so when you grab the microphone, a smile will overtake your face because you want to be there and share your words with the audience. So, let’s raise a glass for some good times, great people, and the best wedding speech that the crowd will ever hear!

Wedding Speech Success

Best Man speech training
One of the most successful stories I have is when a very close friend of mine was asked to give a best man speech at his brother’s wedding. My friend John came to me and said how excited he was to have this honor but did not want to look like a fool and screw it up. Since he knew my background with speeches and presentations, I told him I would be his personal speech coach and prepare him for his big moment. John wrote the words and I helped him make each one of them come to life. This wasn’t about memorising a speech or how to robotically deliver a piece of his heart to a room packed with family and friends. Instead, it was about owning the moment, focusing on three main points, and delivering a speech that will be cherished forever by the audience. Needless to say, the speech was amazing, some eyes teared up, and John joked that I should be a public speaking coach.
My methods are simple, yet effective and I look forward to helping other people who are looking to make a lasting impression with their wedding speech.